A community of passionate individuals works together with the determination to deliver software solutions using cutting edge technologies.

Expertise – All our engineers are having computer science background and graduated from top technical universities in India.

Fast and Continues Delivery – We use the Agile methodology, Test Driven Development with solid DevOps to make it happen.

Trust in Delivery – We always write high-quality code and delivery on time. We treat security as the highest priority. 

Cost Effective – We operate under fair margins and there are no hidden costs.


Build flexible, design-driven websites with ease.

We are a software design and development company that builds custom web and mobile products for our clients, and we truly believe that technology plays key role in business success and positive social change.

Our Products

We(Awarians) at Awarious building an innovative Restaurant management product to improve the customer satisfaction, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of running the restaurant business. We deeply analysed and did the ground work before we start this product. We believe, this is a truly innovative and next generation product for this industry.
Starts from taking the customer order to collect the bill from the customer, there will not be any waiter/server requirement except serving the food. Customers can spend their quality time with their family at your restaurant rather than waiting for some one to attend their table and get more frustration.
Ordering a take away from home or premises not a problem,  just grab a tablet/smart phone or any computer, choose your food and pay. Food will be delivered and you can see the progress of your food preparation. Our intelligent algorithm will understand your order and estimate the delivery time based on various parameters such us efficiency of the chef, complexity of the food recipe, distance of the delivery address and road traffic. Impressed ..? and much more. Stay tuned by subscribing to our news letters to get more updates or simply contact us.

Our Services

We build custom software to meet the specific needs in your business that enterprise systems and off the shelf software can’t.

Bespoke Software Development
Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke software that fits your business needs

Software Support and Maintenance
Software Support and Maintenance

Tailored support for all your business critical systems

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Consumer-grade smartphone and tablet apps that enable your business for the current industry trend.

Software Integration
Software Integration

Building apps that will integrate with your existing systems using APIs and web services

Software Testing
Software Testing

Expert testing and quality assurance services

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Developing responsive design that reacts to the user’s behaviour and environment

How we collaborate

Awarious is highly focused on future technologies and is process-driven. We follow sophisticated means of communication channels to reach as well as serve our clients.

Project Management

Project Hosting

Version Control


Screen Sharing

Deployment Tools

All our projects are design-led, starting with post-its and sketching, ending with design implemented as code in the app. We use design sprints and user research to build products that are user-centered.

Waiting to learn until your product gets to market can be expensive. We reduce that risk by starting 100+ projects each year with a product design sprint. It’s an exercise which starts with design thinking and ends with a user-tested prototype.

Successful products solve a need for their users. In order to fully understand the problem, we are solving for we conduct research and usability tests. These help us make sure that we are building the right set of features for the product and not wasting time on unnecessary features.

User Experience Design (also referred to as UXD or UED) is the process of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on the ease of use as well as improving the overall pleasure in the interaction between the customer and the product. We have experts and we do it for every project we do.


Fall in love with our works?


  • Customization & responsive mode development are so good with Awarious team. Its best to reach them for startup and trending business.I got my project with dynamic viewing experience for easy reading and navigation, Supports in all level of platforms.And its running successfully.
  • -John Clarke , Georgia - My experience with Awarious
    My experience with Awarious was different, all are tech-minded guys.
    They were cool in handling my requirements.In the middle stage of development, I wanted my platform as cross-platform.It was executed perfectly.
  • -David , United States - A Job Well Done
    Awarious's team was exceptional, from beginning to end. Their customer support is top-notch, and their technical skills equally praiseworthy. Our project included multiple bespoke additions and plugins, and several technical challenges. Each time we raised an issue with Awarious, both their customer service and technical support teams were responsive and ready to assist.

    I can't recommend Awarious strongly enough, I admit to having initially hesitated to use the company's services, in fear that they would not have an incentive to provide customer support once they had received our payment. That fear was entirely unfounded. The Awarious team has always been willing to help resolve any problem or challenge; a willingness that is matched only by their technical skills and dedication.
  • Mohitjain, India - Well thought of
    Needed the extra support due to issues in getting set up due to issues with hosting company. The capabilities of the software are well thought of and smartly executed.
    Awarious always helpful

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